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About Cell Site Communications

Cell Site

Cell-Site Communications first opened its doors as a small community Cellular Phone store in Baldwin, NY, back in 1996. We started off with beepers and moved to Motorola Star-tacs, we saw the first color screen phones and are now activating the ever- popular touch screens.

Over the years we have accommodated customers with help in the fast paced-constantly changing communications technology world. We specialize in everything mobile and cellular. If its wireless, we got it. The majority of our staff has been with us since the beginning and were always getting new additions. They are all highly trained specialists in basic cellular, PDA handsets, laptop aircard devices and accessories that assist in mobile operations. Starting as a small community store, we expanded to 2 stores, then 3, then 7, then a wholesale warehouse. As of today most of our stores specialize in AT&T service and GSM cellular, our warehouse functions as an international retail and wholesale online store that sells all manufacturers and equipment fit for all carriers.

We are the perfect Go-to guys when you need a device that your carrier will charge you an arm and a leg for. Our prices are all "out-of-contract" prices that accommodate people that either do not want to commit to a carrier or service, or are not offered any special deals at a certain time of their contract. We work on reviews, so if the product is right for you, you'll be sure of it before you buy it.

So if your Looking for a great deal on NEW / USED / REFURBISHED handsets, or you just need that hard to find accessory for your phone at a good price, come to, we've been in this business since the beginning